In the Merry, Mischievous, Month of May…

Good morning!  Paul reporting in from the land of those who have survived the convention and other events!

To say May has been interesting would be an enormous understatement. To recap:

We shot, mixed, produced, edited, and released our first video from the recently completed and open-for-business JourneyFrog Studios, which looks amazing by the way!

Here on our homefront, we had to part with two of our furry children – well perhaps children isn’t the best term, since they were at least 77 & 105 respectively.

Had an amazing LiveChat with our Patreons, and looking forward to the next, currently slated for the evening of Friday, June 21st.

Erin and I then willingly somehow attended Phoenix Fan Fusion, performed in and supported 

the Diversity Lounge all three days, and then managed to fit in a gig at The Irish Wolfhound, which despite being a holiday weekend, was still pretty busy, and a great time was had by all! 

Which brings us to today, a day of full-on anticipation for not only myself, but for my bandmates, family, and friends as well. 

I’ll also place a trigger warning here for those with any sort of dental-related issues.  If you choose not to read on, I completely understand, and bid you a fond and loving adieu!

As some of you have noticed, I’ve had a bit of a problem losing things of late, those things being my teeth.  As it turns out, without going into diagnosis and detail,one of the comorbidities I face is tooth loss due to a combination of dry mouth and issues with “connective tissues, particularly collagen metabolism, which can damage periodontal tissue.”

Facing this down in 2022, options were presented, and after some deliberation, I came to the decision that rather than prolong the risks involved with failing dental structure, full extraction and replacement would be the way to go.

I’ve spent the last two years preparing, getting things ready, making sure all other health concerns were managed to ensure a quick recovery, coordinating with the dentist who would be manufacturing the new set of teeth, and the oral surgeon who would be performing the necessary bone grafts. Both parties are fantastic, by the way, and I’ll be only too happy to recommend them upon request.

This leads to today.  I’m two hours out of the procedure, and things went just as I’d expected, if not a little better.  I’m doing just fine, albeit with something akin to Ted Stryker’s drinking problem ala Airplane! While also expected, I find it rather amusing.

With that, I think I’ve caught you all up, and now I’m off to a follow up appointment from a minor adjustment.  I’ll try to keep y’all updated.

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  1. Dorrie

    I’m so glad the first procedure went well, my friend! Sending all the healing Hugz and good juju!


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