From the Different Drummer: Summertime!

   Welcome back folks! Summertime is at last among us, and with it comes our usual summer slump. Bookings get to be pretty thin on the ground in the Summer months, as no one in their right mind stays in Phoenix for July & August if they have any other options. Those who don’t escape tend to keep to the comfort of their air-conditioned homes. Pub attendance suffers, and so the pubs are less likely to book music. In past years, we’ve taken this time for things like recording, or developing new material. This year? I’m going on vacation.

   You’ve almost certainly met my lovely wife Lissa. You’ve definitely seen her work, practically all of the photos and many of our videos feature her talented self behind the camera. Well, she and her family have been vacationing in the same little town in Ontario since she was a toddler. Every couple of years, we pack up and head north, there to relax, renew, and try to decimate the aquatic population of a pretty huge lake. It’s a chance to unwind and unplug, and I’m REALLY looking forward to it this year. Eric and I are driving up, the rest of the local family is flying up later in the week, and we’re off to the Great White North. We’ll be laughing & fishing for a week, after which most of the family will be returning to AZ one way or another. 

   Not me, though. I’ll be going from Canadia to the weird and wooly wilds of Western Michigan, where I’ll be spending another week. More laughs, less fishing. I have someone special there that I’ve been really looking forward to seeing. As of this writing, we’re 30 days away. I’ll be finally returning to the desert in mid-July, just in time for our show at Fibber Magee’s on the 20th.

   After that? Who knows? I’ll figure it out when I get back.

What are you and yours up to this Summer? And what would you rather be doing?

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  1. Dorrie

    Sounds like an amazing vacation! I’m spending a lot of time this month venturing to every Pride celebration within driving distance with my amazing son and Pride crew! At the end of which, i’m going to be spending an amazing week with a really awesome semi feral Celtic drummer from the desert that I love and adore! Travel safe, my dear and have a kick ass gig this weekend and next everyone!


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