Main Event

Welcome one and all! Didn’t expect much here? Well you were WRONG!

1.12.2024 – Happy New Year to everyone!  Now it’s time to come down to Fibber Magees and get some great music too. We go into gear with our music at 7:30PM, and Fibber’s has you covered with delicious food and drink.

1.27.2024 – To celebrate the end of January we return to the stage The Irish Wolfhound Pub for a Saturday night show starting at 8:00. Come hang out, get yourself a pint or an Irish coffee (and maybe the band too). You provide the crowd, we’ll provide the entertainment, and The Wolfhound’s always amazing staff will be happy to help with the food and drink.

2.17.2024 – Hey, look at that, Open Beta is performing at Fibber Magees.  I’m sensing a pattern here!  We’re starting at 7:30 so get there early, settle in with a plate of great food for dinner, and stay for the excellent music.

2.24.2024 – You know what February needs?  That’s right!  An Open Beta performance at The Irish Wolfhound Pub! we’re on stag at 8:00, but let me tell you, you want to get there early to get some of the fantastic food, and a nice cool pint.  Or a toddy.  Or an Irish coffee.  Then settle in for some amazing music.

* * *


So.  St. Patrick’s Day is on a Sunday this year.  Which means the WHOLE weekend is going to be one massive musical bash!  Stay tuned here for updates on where we will be and when that weekend!

* * *

Want to know more of what’s going on, need more lead time to make sure you can make it to see us? You can get the basics on our Calendar, or you can find where we’re performing at our Events Page on the Open Beta Facebook.