From the Manager – On Changing Things Up

Today’s post is going to be relatively short. Not that there isn’t a lot to say, but I’m not really looking to get into it here. The last few weeks have been exhausting in this country, and today of all days I just don’t have the energy left for it. So we’re going to stick to band information.

We’ve been keeping this blog updated pretty much weekly for about a year and a half now, putting whatever might be in our brains at any given time to text to share with you all. That said, we haven’t really found much engagement on it, and believe it or not, these blogs actually constitute a lot of time and work. Mostly because for people who are more than capable of being extremely wordy, something about having a scheduled time to put those words down and share them often leaves us at a loss for what to write (I personally regularly find that typing up a blog actually takes less time than figuring out what in the world I’m writing it about, at least on the days I don’t type up and delete 4 or 5 of them before I settle on one). Then there’s typing and reviewing (by everyone, usually), scheduling (which for many months was NOT playing nicely on the back end), and making sure everything happens when it’s supposed to.

Here’s the thing about all that time – while we’re happy to share with all of our wonderful fans, the current engagement levels tell us all that time is likely spent on better things – back end organization, working on music, trying to book gigs, figuring out how to proceed in sharing our music in other ways (yes, we hear you about digital downloads and streaming, but it’s not necessarily a simply process). And on that, we’re looking at backing away from the weekly blogs. We are discussing some potential alternatives (some of which were discussed on the last LiveChat for Patreon members), which will likely become Patreon-exclusive content.

That isn’t to say we’re completely backing off social media by any means. We’ll still regularly post on Facebook (there may actually be more regular but much shorter posts), the occasional cross-posting to Instagram (turns out it only likes pictures in a certain format, which complicates the level of cross-posting we’d like to do), and we’re looking at other platforms also. Some of that social media content may be a bit different than we’ve posted in the past, but there’s time to figure all of that out.

If you’ve got suggestions on what you might like to see us do, go ahead and send them out. We can’t guarantee any or all of them are implemented, but we can guarantee we’ll review the suggestions and decide how to go from there. Talk to y’all later.

2 thoughts on “From the Manager – On Changing Things Up

  1. Chris Will

    Holy crap, who has time for anything anymore? It’s amazing you get as much done as you do. Maybe cut back the blog to once or twice a month? & I miss the mysterious stranger. Also, sometimes the best things come out when you have NO idea what you’re going to write & just throw nonsense out that turns into a fun, brilliant stream of consciousness. Sorry I miss the monthly Friday things so often, I remember them until after work that day & totally forget what day it is or what I’m doing once the critters are fed. BTW, the humans inn the house count as critters.


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