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  1. Sara Morales

    Came across you guys on facebook. I think I just found my people. You had me at Lothlorien! lol! I too am an AZ Ren Fair alumn and am an opera singer by education. I love everything Celtic so if you ever find yourself in need of a female voice, I’m your girl!

  2. Trudy Van Dusen

    Hello, friends!
    It’s been forever since we’ve been able to enjoy your company and your wonderful talent!
    God willing, an American War of Independence living history event I participate in and organize in November will actually take place as scheduled. Michael, Ruby and I would be thrilled to have you all there either Friday evening the 6th or Saturday the 7th. It’s an outdoor venue at Pioneer Living History Museum, purely acoustic. Plenty of food, whiskey, and coffee available! I realize how tentative and unpredictable the world is now, and how careful you all must be. If you have availabiity and interest, I would love to hear from you!

    Until we meet again,


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