From the de- well, it started at my desk, and was wrapped up in our hotel room for the weekend.

No, I didn’t wind up in the doghouse, it’s just time for this year’s Phoenix Fan Fusion!

Not quite sure what that means? No worries!  Those looking to get looped in, I recommend you check out my post from last year.

This last few weeks have been… a bit emotionally exhausting. Getting projects tackled at home, recording, prepping for major dental work, ‘con prep, and just when I thought we had braced for everything, the time came last week when we had to make the dreaded quality-of-life decisions for our two elder doggos.

I’m not new to this rodeo.  I lost my first dog Chris to old age and cancer when I was 16, and many more over the years since. Some were sudden, some the hard call had to be made.  The recovery might come a bit more quickly, but the hit lands hard every single time.  

And the silly thing?  Call it a type of masochism or what you will, but we’re already having the discussion of a new pet. Mind you, a considerable part of this comes from the concern that we still have one very young dog, and we want to make sure they have someone to play with on the occasions we go out and leave them home.  But I’d be lying to you all and myself if I didn’t admit to the familial bond and love pets give us as well.

So yeah, a bit of a whirlwind of recovering right now, but getting there more and more. Part of the stress right now is also waiting to get their cremains home, to at least have that part of them home safe with us. That helps me a lot somehow.

With that, I’m going to sign off and get a bit of rest.  Going to be a busy weekend, and I’m looking forward to all the crazy fun sure to be found.

Much Love,

1 thought on “From the de- well, it started at my desk, and was wrapped up in our hotel room for the weekend.

  1. Dorrie

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your furry family, that is definitely a hard hit! Have fun, be safe at Fan fusion and thank you as always for giving us the backstage glimpse into your lives and loves. Biggest of Hugz to All!


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