Fiddler Musings

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Wow, it’s been a while….Sorry about that. It’s been a little crazy what with the last year of Pandemic, Politic, and all that that entails. But that doesn’t mean that the music, the creation and the fun that comes with it end, right?


To be truthful, kind of. The actual music never stopped, never really went silent, but the creativity, the spark to *make* something new? That escaped me for a while amid the, well, everything that we were all trying to come to grips with over the last year.

BUT that actually comes back, and it did. Things change, the wheel turns and it DOES get better. Last week I had the spark enough to write a new jig, the first one I’ve written in more than a year. I can’t wait to bring it to the guys, get it polished, then bring it to all of you!

This is an awfully long winded way of saying I missed creating stuff, I miss all of you, and with things looking up, I eagerly await the day we get to perform for you in person again!

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