And Now From the Drummer…

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Howdy, folks! First thing I want you to know is how very much I miss you all. The last time we were able to perform in front of one of our usual crowds was St. Patrick’s Day, and even that was more chaotic and weird than usual. Seeing your faces week after week, singing for you and with you, talking and laughing with you between sets, Denny’s and 5&Diner post-show meals…I’ve always known those things are important to me, but this year has really driven home HOW important they are to me.
We’re adapting. We’ve done a couple of livestream shows, with more in the works. We’ve launched our Patreon page and are working on developing content to keep it interesting. We’re working on new music for you, stuff that speaks to us (and hopefully will to you too!) We’re keeping ourselves as safe as is reasonably possible, staying home a lot, masking up when we have to go out, gargling hand sanitizer, bathing in boysenberry yogurt…okay, there’s not a lot of data from the CDC on that last one, but what could it hurt?
In the coming weeks (and hopefully months) we’ll be posting here a lot more regularly. Some of it will be band-related stuff, some of it will be more personal perspective/interest related. Any requests? Drop a comment below and let us know what you’d like to hear about!

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