Pure Energy

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This week’s gig was a blast! Okay, not literally. Nothing actually exploded, or anything like that. (Note to self: Look into relevant statutes regarding pyrotechnics) But the energy was pretty high all the way around. We were energized, the crowd was energized…it’s an odd, chicken-and-egg question: Which energy begat which? It’s surely a fact though, there was some of the good feedback going on all night long. Being better able to hear ourselves was also a plus; we’ll be using the new monitor from now on. 

What with Ren Faire being done, we’ll be able to get back to more regular, lengthy rehearsals. The three of us click pretty well when performing, but there’s definitely some rough edges to be sanded off. We also need to add some new material. There’s some existing stuff we’ve been itching to play for you, and rumor has it some original & parody pieces are in the works, too. Keep watching and listening!

With an ever-growing repertoire, and a fan base to match, it won’t be long now before we’re playing more gigs & larger venues. Who knows where you might see us next?

(No, seriously. If you know of a place looking for live music, let us know, willya?)

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