April Fools! No, Seriously…

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April Fool’s Day is in the record books, and for the record, we had a blast. It was the first time we’ve ever rickrolled an entire venue. Possibly the last as well, although one can never be certain. Standing-room-only crowd, which is becoming the norm for our Wednesday night gigs. It’s possible we need a larger venue. Then again, perhaps they just need more chairs. Time will tell.

As we continue to develop our sound, we have our eyes looking forward. What’s next? New material to add to our lineup, new venues to play, new fans to acquire. That last one is particularly interesting. We’re watching a small community beginning to form. New faces show up each week, and a lot of them come back. Nobody leaves as a total stranger. When new people appear, introductions get made all around, there are hugs and laughter and contact info exchanged at the end of the night. It’s wondrous and strange to behold, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. What does it say about a band, then, when good people, kind people, joy-filled people seem to gravitate to them? We’re not exactly sure, but we look forward to finding out.

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