Who We Are, What We Do, & Why You Care

The band used to be Talk A Little Treason, an Irish/Folk/Geek band playing in and around the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area.  We’ve been playing together in this particular configuration since September 2014. We’ve known each other for years, playing our music and cracking wise, each of us involved in our own projects and pursuits. Then we found ourselves at a seisiun, and the music was just grand, and we looked at each other and asked “Why aren’t we doing this together?” Finding no good answer, we started playing out together. Over time, we’ve been developing our sound, trending more towards “Geek” and “Folk” and a bit less “Irish”. In June of 2015, we made the decision to change names, choosing Open Beta to reflect our nerdy background and future plans. We’re a work in progress, likely always will be. We’re glad you’ve decided to be part of the process!

On this site, you can find the following:

  • Bios of the band members, which are guaranteed to contain at least 35% useful and/or factual information.
  • An FAQ to answer some of the questions our fans would likely ask if only they weren’t so dazzled by the awesome that is us.
  • Links to our YouTube page, so that you can enjoy our work between live performances, and practice your heckling. (Note: We’re working on this)
  • Our Bookings Page, where you can find a list of our current bookings, and our price sheet. Should you have a burning desire to give us money, don’t worry, we won’t judge you; we accept you and your life choices.
  • Moderately regular updates on the blog, giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at us, our process, what we’re working on, where we’re playing, occasional rants at the unfairness of the Universe, video game cheats, D&D character sheets, B-movie reviews…whatever we can think of to fill a page.

As is always the case, we’d love to know what you think, what you’d like to see and here from us. So pull up a chair, pour yourselves a pint, and spend a little time with us!

All photos courtesy of Melissa McCollum, used with permission.

All Artwork courtesy of Zach Reddy Art, used with permission

2 thoughts on “Who We Are, What We Do, & Why You Care

  1. Ruby Sheffer

    Wednesday August 8th 2018
    Hi guys
    I could swear that I saw somewhere that you guys are playing in Chandler Friday August 10th from 8 to midnight. I forgot the name of the place.
    Is this true or am I tripping?

    1. Paul Schmidt

      Hi Ruby,

      You’re not tripping. We’re playing this Friday, August 10th, 8p-midnight at Fibber Magees, which is located in the plaza on the southeast corner of Dobson and Elliot. Hope to see you there!



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