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So April is here again, heralded, oddly enough for Arizona, by showers.  Trying to write this I actually had to go and check last year’s post from about his time to make sure I wasn’t writing something similar, and sure enough, I probably would have gotten nailed for plagiarism by a college prof on it.

That doesn’t make what I said last year any less true.  Hitting level 45 should be a milestone of sorts.  It falls by the wayside, getting hidden behind 40 and overshadowed by 50.  At 45, for the first time in my life I’m in a job that doesn’t stress me the hell out, in relationships that are deep, meaningful, respectful, and most awesomely, supportive of who I’m figuring myself out to be.  I kinda like the look of my mid-life ‘crisis’ is me finding a little stability and starting to find myself again.

The year just past was a doozy, with my middle gothling turning 18 and moving in full time with us, a new job that lifts not only the weight of overworked and underpaid, but (another first) provides for a real retirement should the planet last another 9 years.  Whipped cream on top?  I work for a hospital and in t-minus 9 years and 5 months, I’ll have my student loans forgiven too!  I’ve also found a therapist that is kicking my entire ass, in a good way, validating the utter BS I’ve survived and the healing I’ve done, and digging out the next layer of work I need to do.

Then there’s the band!  We’ve gotten CrowdSorcery DONE, and did our soft release over St. Patrick’s day, and doing release day 2.0 on 4.20 (yeah, yeah, I know) We’re already plotting our next couple of albums and have been working and reworking things we’ve released, and things that no one’s seen yet.  To quote Montgomery Scott “I like this ship!  You know, it’s exciting!”

THAT being said, I have band website shenanigans to commit, a couple more fiddle tunes to write, and eventually sleep to find. Catch y’all at the gigs coming up!

3 thoughts on “FiddlerNotes: DING!

  1. Dorrie

    Oh hon! I am so over the moon happy for you! It’s so amazing to see you so happy, more relaxed, supported and loved like you deserve to be, and GLOWING! I know what it’s like to finally find yourself in your 40s and it flips everything on its head in the best way! I’m so so happy to have reconnected with you and I can’t wait to do more of it! Thank you so much for all of your support for me and my kiddo while we are going through our massive life changes, I love being able to call you my dear friend and Em absolutely adores his “Fiddler Auntie” (and is tickled to no end that’s what you think of yourself as to him, because to us you all ARE family). Biggest Hugz and I hope you had an amazing 45!


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