From the not-so-kempt desk of Paul:

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No, I’m not playing alliteration with the letter ‘k” this month. There’s something about stringing those together that sets me off for all the right reasons.

It also doesn’t escape me that the day this post releases will be the anniversary of the attack Pearl Harbour  Between a grandfather who served in the war and his recounting of events of his and fellow soldiers, and a love of history, the date in general brings a flood of memories heard and read.  It also brings up memories of my grandfather in general.  Either way, I’ll be raising a glass later that evening.  

This month also hits me a bit weird in that it contains my birthday. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no aversion to my age, birthday, or celebrations thereof, other than the fact that as a neurospicy person, there can sometimes be a trigger of suddenly being the focus of attention when not prepared for it.  It’s more a time of reflection for me, an internal reckoning of where I am, what I’ve done, what I want to do or be, and forming plans on how to get there.

As such, that is mainly what preoccupies my mind these days when not actively working on new material, focusing on gaming or work, etc.  Mostly variations on how do I improve.  I’ve got some plans for that, but nothing I can really get into right now. It’s going to be some fun-filled adventurous months, and I’ll apologise for the vagaries for the time being.  Communication has always been a challenge for me, so you may see some more spontaneous posts from me here, as it’s one of the ways in which I’d like to grow.  

With that, I’ll leave you with fondest wishes for a very happy holiday season.  May times with loved ones be joyful, and meals be appropriately moist.

Author’s Update: Originally, this is where the post was going to end. Life has a mind of its own, however, and with that comes loss as well. In this case, the loss was that of renowned singer-songwriter Shane MacGowan.  Shane, for you may the pints flow freer than ever.

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