FiddlerNotes: Bring on the Spooky!

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OK, so I could drone on about how the HELL is it October already, because seriously that’s the whole mood for 2023 I think, but I will ignore all of  that and instead focus on the fact that…

**Clears throat**


Autumn is absolutely my favorite time of year.  I can take my wool skirts out and all the fluffy, cozy sweaters.  I don’t get side-eye when I order my chai hot.  There’s leaf piles, fall planting, Samhain…the veil thinning.  Summer is hard because I *like* the sunlight, but it’s too damned hot and cancer is not something to be trifled with (sunscreen y’all, seriously).  Fall has enough sunlight that I don’t turn into a wilted daisy, and I can do stuff outside ALL DAY (STILL sunscreen though).  What gets me really going though?  Is that when autumn starts hitting my creativity tends to take off, and this year is no different.  There’s a ton of new soup ideas on TikTok, my fingers itch to work my knitting and crocheting projects, the garden calls it’s siren song, the latest season of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer has once again piqued my cosplay heart, and fiddle tunes and lyrics (!) fight about who is going to get written first… 


Where I was going with all of this is that with the creativity going, and the fact that we’re starting to slowly, carefully work on some original music, what would some topics be that you’d love to hear us harmonize about?  What are YOUR autumn projects? I want to hear ALL about them!

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