And Now for the Wayback Machine

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Hullo all, as our last blog post for this month we thought a glimpse into the past might be in order. These pics are from…dear gods a long time ago. This is back to the beginning, when the Paul, Brian, and Erin really met for the first time, and there was a LOT of music to be had, and a lot of friends and shenanigans at the Bandersnatch and Rula Bula (Gods rest both places). Enjoy the blast from the past as we prep for some new things in the future.

1 thought on “And Now for the Wayback Machine

  1. Dorrie

    Soooo many memories in these pics, faces I havent seen in far too long. Friends who are now no longer with us (RIP sweet Billy), places that hold dear memories and friends I adore and miss dearly. Thank you for posting these ❤


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