Fiddler Notes – Birthdays

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OK, so it’s pretty safe to say that April is my Birthday Month, and that makes for an easy topic ^_^.  It would be even easier to say things like “Yay! It’s my birthday and I want to go do all this stuff.”

Which I do, but it’s not really the core of it.

Birthdays mean a lot to me.  They are a remembrance of the year that passed.  The trials, the triumphs, the defeats, and the sheer determination to keep going some days. A birthday isn’t just a celebration of when you were de-wombed.  A birthday is a level up!  Proof that the bullshit of *gestures at everything* didn’t get you.  You MADE it.  

I don’t have much to say this month guys, for all that this month marks another year that the Fuckery didn’t get me.  Birthdays are Important.

So to all my fellow April babies, I’m proud of you!  You leveled up!!  You MADE it!

Happy Birthday!!

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