…and that makes us mighty, indeed.

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Putting out an album is hard work. A band can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years getting all of the details in place. Hours upon hours in the recording studio, laying down take after take , over and over again, getting  the sound just right. Days or weeks spent working on the mix, the engineer trying to bring everything together, trying to make the artist sound larger (and better) than life. Meetings about packaging. Meetings about packaging. Figuring out production costs, finding the right company to package your product, liner notes to be written…It’s a LOT of hard work.

We did it in 2 weeks.


Well, okay, not exactly. We spent at least a week in prep, ordering materials, researching, rehearsing, acquiring licenses. We set things up with our graphic designer and merchandise goddess. THEN the ridiculous amount of work really started.


So really, we did it in about 5 days.


Watch this space.  We’ll tell you all about it. We’re still catching our breath.

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