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We’ve been playing at Cup O’Karma in Mesa for a number of months now. It’s been a phenomenal opportunity for us, being able to play for a live audience while we get our feet under us. We’ve been finding our sound, figuring out what we want to play, what we play well, filing off what doesn’t work.The fans that show up there give us great feedback, and make us feel like maybe we actually know what we’re doing, musically speaking. We plan on making that little coffee shop our home for quite a while.

The last couple of months, it seems, we’ve been packing the place. Every Wednesday, people start showing up an hour early, just to ensure having a seat. If you’ve ever performed in any way, you know what a difference a full house can make; the energy is way higher, the mood elevates, and we watch this little community of fans grow, and…wow. When the venue has to start worrying about the Fire Marshal because there’s too many people, and the crowd is spilling out the doors…we must be doing something right, right? People are starting to tell us we’ve outgrown the place.

They’re right. 

Like we said, Cup O’Karma will be our home for some time, yet. We have no plans to stop playing there on Wednesdays. But what we’d like to do is start branching out. We’d like to find new venues, and new fans, new audiences for our music. And that means branching out, trying new things. It’s a little scary, because it also means playing for people that don’t already love us. But we think we’re ready for the challenge.

This Saturday, 6/13, there’s an open mic night at SoZo Coffee, at Warner & Alma School. Music starts at 7PM, and runs until 10. Sets are 10 minutes long, so we’re told. We’re going to hit it. We have no way of knowing precisely when we’ll be playing, but we’re going to hit that stage, and for 10 minutes, we’re going to play our hearts out. And we will see how a room full of strangers responds to us. Hopefully, at least a few friends will be in the crowd as well. (Brian’s Note: The heck with that! We’re hoping everyone we’ve ever met, even in passing, shows up!)

We’ll see how it goes. Join us, won’t you?

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