“Looks like we made it…”

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Somehow we made it, not only through the last minute changes, not only through the wackiness of St. Patrick’s Day (three shows… what the hell was our booking manager thinking), and then on top of it another show two days later at a new venue. Then we had to return to our normal lives of day jobs, taking out the trash, .plotting to take over the world, etc.

So what now, you ask? Well, if you’re one of our Patreon subscribers, you get to hang out with us tomorrow, (that’s right Sunday, March 26th at noon AZ/PT (1p MT / 2p CT / 3p ET) for a LiveChat, right from the comfort of your home! Us? We’ll be hidden away in our highly classified underground lairs, ready to revel in the recollections of the raucous day that was only a week or so ago, and perhaps impart upon you pieces of our plans yet to come.

Not a subscriber yet? Have no fear, you still have time to subscribe by visiting out Patreon at patreon.com/OpenBetaMusic!

Details on how to join the LiveChat will be posted for our Patreon subscribers about 15 minutes before the starting time. Hope to see you there!

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