Mission Statement’s…Mission Statements

Hello All! Our liner notes are available for Download at the link directly below. This includes our band thank yous, song information, and some additional links to cool people.

Liner Notes

With that, we have some very special people to thank: Our Patrons. Without them, we would seriously be trying to figure out how to pay for studio time, mixing, and all the other bits and bobs that need to happen for an album to be made. So a heartfelt thank you to the following people:

Dawn Grigsby
Shar Madsen
Burdock Broughton
Penny Campana
Rubby Sheffer
Derek Campbell
Andrew Gilbert
Andrew Terranova
Ben Chaney
Gabi Hawk
Talyn Cropper
Rob Wold
Pam Greenway
Rose Johnson
Jessie Foster
Betty A. Grebe
John G
Alisha Isaacs
Chris SM
Michelle Dubow
Gabrielle Campbell
Quin-Anne Hinrichs
Kenton Daniels
Krista Long
Gennii Drominda
Phillip J Leco II
Gabby Leco
David Buechler