Main Event

Welcome one and all! Didn’t expect much here? Well you were WRONG!


3.8.2019 – Open Beta is performing at Sunup Brewery starting around 7PM!

3.15.2019 – Start gearing up for St. Patrick’s day right by coming down to Fibber Magees and joining Open Beta in starting the weekend! Music starts at 8PM.

3.16.2019 – Want to open the day with a bit of the Irish? Join Open Beta at the annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival! Times and stage to come soon!

3.16.2019 – Feel like starting St. Patrick’s Day before St. Patrick’s Day? Join Open beta at the Skeptical Chymist for good food, better beer, and great music. Tunes start at 8PM.

3.17.2019 – Today is the day. THE Day, as it were. Start off St. Patrick’s day right at Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub. We open the day with tunes, beer and excellent food at 10AM.

3.17.2019 – That’s right folks, you can have Open Beta fill your ears with your favorite music twice in one day! We’ll be setting up the evening right at O’Connor’s Pub starting at 6PM.

3.22.2019 – Now that St. Patrick’s Weekend is over, nurse yourself back to happy at Sunup Brewery, where the mead and beer flows, the food is unreal and Open Beta opens their acoustic set at around 7PM.

* * *

Want to know more of what’s going on? It will be here soon, but while we work on the Calendar, you can find where we’re performing at our Events Page on the Open Beta Facebook.