Main Event

Welcome one and all! Didn’t expect much here? Well you were WRONG!


10.11.2019 – People asking “where are we playing next?” We’ve the answer! Skeptical Chymist! Come join us at 8PM got fine food, a bloody good pint, and some general shenanigans.

10.12.2019 – What, two awesome nights of music? In a row? You’ve got that right! Come join us at O’Connor’s Pub! Music starts at 8PM, so come down and have a damned fine pint.

10.18.2019 – Hopefully we’re finally feeling a nip in the air at Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub. We’ll be picking up the tunes at 9PM, but make sure to get here a little early for a good seat, and excellent food and, might I say, shenanigans!

10.31.2019 – Oh yes. You’re reading that right. We are playing HALLOWEEN!! No, we can’t contain our excitement!! We’ll be bringing all the spooky out at Fibber Magees. Check out their website for more information on their plans for the evening, but rest assured, there will be some malarkey of our own! Music starts at 8PM!  You definitely want to get there early for seating!

11.1.2019 – What? Normally we only run out a month on this calendar? We like to keep y’all in a little suspense at least. BUT, seeing as we’re playing at the amazing Scale & Feather Meadery during Dia de los Muertos, we’re more than happy to give you some advanced warning. This will have everything you’d want: spooky, nerdy music, a spectacular geeky theme, seriously excellent mead…You all definitely want to be there.  Best yet?  This is a slightly earlier performance!  Music starts at 7:30PM

* * *
Want to know more of what’s going on? It will be here soon, but while we work on the Calendar, you can find where we’re performing at our Events Page on the Open Beta Facebook.