Main Event

Welcome one and all! Didn’t expect much here? Well you were WRONG!

1.14.2023 – We are pleased to announce that we’re performing at Fibber Magees !  Come down for a cold pint, hot food, and all the music you can handle from 7:30 to 11:30. Make Sure to be there early to get a good seat!

1.20.2023 – Another two weeks in a row!  Come on out to Seamus McCaffrey’s and have a blast with us!  Food is great, pints are fantastic, and the music?  Perfection.  Music starts at 9:30PM, and seating here is tight so you DEFINITELY want to get here early and grab a good seat!

2.4.2023 – So, you’re wondering what to do? Too early in February for Valentines day? Doldrums from work? You should come down to O’Connor’s Pub to catch us making music for the masses! Music starts at 8PM, so you’ll want to get there a touch early, get a good seat and grab a damned fine pint.

2.25.2023 – Had a long week? Need to relax with friends and have some down time?  Come down to Fibber Magees with us! We’ll be celebrating another weekend starting at 7:30.  Can’t wait to see you there!

3.4.2023 – Hmm….I’m sensing a theme here.  If you joined us last week, come join us this week at Seamus McCaffrey’s for another night of good food and better music!  Music will start at 9:30, but again, seating is tight here so get here early!

St. Patrick’s Day!!!

YUP This is THE DAY.  Friday, March 17th. You want to follow us from one awesome pub to another, getting great food and awesome music?  Then here’s the schedule SO FAR:

4PM to 7PM – O’Connor’s Pub  – That’s right, the OG!  We’ll be performing in the late afternoon set and you WANT to be here today.  It’s a great mid-day stretch to the festivities, and we’ll make sure that the music is AWESOME.

9PM – 11PM – Fibber Magees – THAT’S RIGHT!  We’re the closing act at Fibber Magees for St. Patrick’s Day!  This is a show you DON’T want to miss.  Food and fun are fantastic!

* * *

Want to know more of what’s going on, need more lead time to make sure you can make it to see us? You can get the basics on our Calendar, or you can find where we’re performing at our Events Page on the Open Beta Facebook.