Main Event

Welcome one and all! Didn’t expect much here? Well you were WRONG!


3.7.2020 – You’re Scottish you say?  Not as interested in St. Patrick as you are in a good caber to toss?  Come join us at the Phoenix Highland Games.  Please hit the link for ticket costs and times, but we’ll be gracing the Kilt Lifter Taproom.

3.7.2020 – Still need some music after the Faire?  Come join us at Fibber Magees .  The music is just going to get better when we start at 8PM, so get there early for an excellent dinner and a pint!

3.8.2020 – We’ll be back at it at the Phoenix Highland Games.   Same Bat place, the Kilt Lifter Tap Room, so come in, sit down, and have a wonderful Sunday.

 * * *

which brings us to THAT weekend.  Yes.  THAT one.  The weekend directly before St. Patrick’s Day!  So the next block is directly related to that!

 * * *

3.14.2020 – Come out and join Open Beta at the St. Patrick’s Day Faire!  Check the link for details about location and entry, but we’ll list here when we go on stage and where!

3.15.2020 – Fibber Magees is getting an early start on the celebration, with great food and music!  Open Beta starts early tonight at 6:30 PM, so get there early for dinner and a pint.


3.17.2020 – Open Beta starts the day right at Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub! Come join us at 10AM where the food is great, the pints are better, and you can’t beat the fun of the day.

3.17.2020 – There was a gap here, one we didn’t like much, fortunately O’Connor’s Pub stepped up and we’ll have a double-set here to keep the toes tapping and the pints pouring! We hit the stage at 3:30PM.

3.17.2020 – How about the perfect end to the evening?  How about Open Beta closing down the party at Skeptical Chymist?  Yes you say?  Well you have it!  We go on at 7:30 and we close down the party!

Now back to your regularly scheduled March

3.20.2020 – After a brief recovery we are back at it at  Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub! So come down, get some great food and celebrate Friday with us.  The music starts at 9PM, but get there early, seating is at a premium

3.28.2020 – Had enough this week?  Need a night to have a damned fine meal you didn’t cook and some music to soothe your soul?  Join us at  Skeptical Chymist to get what you need.  Music starts early at 7PM, so get here a touch early and get yourself a good seat.

 * * *

Want to know more of what’s going on? It will be here soon, but while we work on the Calendar, you can find where we’re performing at our Events Page on the Open Beta Facebook.